Juan Quijano is a rising senior majoring in both Business Information Technology (BIT) and Management, with the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology (EIT) option. Juan has an internship this summer with Capital One in their Management Rotation Program as an Enterprise Supplier Management Intern.

Juan recently reflected, "During my time here at Virginia Tech, I have learned so many skills and lessons that have translated well to my experience during my Capital One internship. One of the biggest skills I feel has really helped me out is critical thinking and problem solving. It is so important to be able to look at a problem or situation and be able to make your own judgement/solutions from those facts. That way you can show your team that you can create viable solutions on your own without having to be guided towards them. Also, in the business world there is constant change on the fly that you have to get used to. At times during my internship, we have started to go one way with a project only to have to do a full switch due to unforeseen circumstances. It is crucial to show that you are ok at adapting to different scenarios and that you can always work 100% in them."

We are proud of you Juan - keep up the great work!