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Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program in Business Administration with a major in Management in the Pamplin College of Business is dedicated to developing the next generation of research faculty at top academic institutions. Our core mission is to produce doctoral graduates with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to function as researchers and teachers who go on to earn tenure as faculty members at research institutions.

Our curriculum emphasizes a solid foundation in strategic management, organization theory, organizational behavior, human resources management, and ethics and social responsibility through our four core courses. Students then specialize in any of these areas based on their research interests while pursuing skills in research design, measurement, and statistical analysis that will enable them to become effective researchers as they begin their academic careers. Our doctoral students engage in close and collegial research collaboration with our faculty, who are highly respected nationally and internationally based on their research excellence. Student-faculty research collaboration continue years after our students graduate from the program. Our faculty are committed to teaching and Ph.D. mentoring as demonstrate by a vibrant curriculum and steady increases in the productivity of our graduate students.  We view a doctoral education as the foundation for lifelong learning and develop excellence in our students so they can make significant scholarly contributions throughout their careers.

If you have a passion for research, an interest in joining a rigorous doctoral program, strong academic credentials, and like the thought of spending the next 4-5 years in the quiet, pastoral beauty of southwest Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains, then we encourage you to apply to our doctoral program.

Featured Research

 Doctoral Student Publications in 2023 (doctoral student names are highlighted in bold)

  • Townsend, D. M., Hunt, R. A., Rady, J., Manocha, P., & Jin, J. H. (in press). Are the Futures Computable? Knightian Uncertainty & Artificial Intelligence. Academy of Management Review.
  • Manocha, P., Hunt, R. A., Stallkamp, M., & Townsend, D. M. (2023). A tale of two impacts: Entrepreneurial action and the gender-related effects of economic policy uncertainty. Journal of Business Venturing Insights21, e00446. (accepted in 2023 but now shows a publication date of June 2024)
  • Musselman, R. & Becker, W. J. (in press). Resolving the double-edged sword of mentoring: the role of generativity. Journal of Managerial Psychology.
  • Thompson, P., Bolino, M., Norris, K., & Kuo, S.-T. (2023). Unconstructive curiosity killed the cat: The importance of follower political skill and constructive curiosity to avoid perceptions of insubordination and unlikability. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 178, Article 104275.
  • Hunt, R. A., Townsend, D. M., Manocha, P., & Simpson, J. J. (2023). Knowledge problem diagnosis and the fate of corporate entrepreneurship initiatives. Journal of Business Venturing Insights19, e00358.

Doctoral Student Proceedings Publications in 2023 (doctoral student names are highlighted in bold)

  • Rady, J. & Hunt, R. A. (2023). Decoding relational contracting in the informal economy: A second-best institutions framework. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023, 13830.
  • Mayer, R. C., Jang, D., Shah, P. P., Jones, S. L., Siderits, I., Flynn, P., ... Tuskey, S., … & Williams, M. (2023). From the Complex Present to the Risk-Laden Future of Trust: Over the Mountain & Into the Frying Pan. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023, 18559.
  • Ward, A. K., Reinwald, M., Landay, K., Lee, M. J., Arena, D. F., Harrison, D. A., … & Kuo, S. T. (2023). Political ideology at work: Implications of political dissimilarity to managers and peers. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023, 12572.
  • Tavani, M. Hunt, R. A., & Kumar, P. (2023). Unraveling the gordian knot of dyadic alliance stability. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023, 11702.
  • Townsend, D. A., Lewis, T., Rady, J., Manocha, P., & Bozdag, E. (2023). The paradox of speed: Entrepreneurial strategy & AI product design in technology-based ventures. Babson College Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Proceedings.
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Dr. Richard Hunt
Director of Graduate Studies
Kara Mullins
PhD Program Coordinator

The timeline for applications is as follows:

  • Application Deadline: January 15, 2024
  • Screening Applications: February & Early March
  • Decisions Made: Mid to Late March

If you have any further questions not addressed on our website, please contact Kara Mullins (PhD Program Coordinator);