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Student Mentoring – Management Advisory Board


Mentoring of MGT students by MAB Members

  • Connection with senior executives who dedicate time and expertise
  • Partner with executives who work for industry-leading companies
  • Topics and process driven by student versus a “one-format fits all” approach
  • Mentors are knowledgeable about the Management major
  • Mentors can help Management majors to transition successfully from academia to the corporate world

Who and How?

The Application Process

  • This unique offer is only for fully committed and engaged students.
  • You need to be a Management major in your junior or senior year.
  • You need to own and drive the relationship with your mentor.
  • You will drive the agenda of topics to discuss.
  • You represent Pamplin and the Management department to outside industry leaders, and you need to act accordingly.
  • We encourage underrepresented students to apply and take advantage of this offer.

Content & topics to cover

With students owning the process, the content will be jointly determined by mentees and mentors. However, as a spark of ideas, the following are relevant topics to cover in a mentoring partnership:

  • Exploring favorite positions for students to apply for and careers to pursue. What is the student good at and passionate about? What are the options in the corporate world and how competitive is the field?
  • Review of resume and strength of LinkedIn profile
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Review of skills and competencies of students and discussion of development plan to strengthen the profile and employability
  • Specific support to find jobs by using the mentor’s professional network
  • Tips for successful start to a new job after graduation
  • Tips for successful career management