Donovan Campbell grew up in Chengdu, China and is a double major, one as a management major in the Management Consulting and Analytics option and in Finance in the FCA concentration. He also has the Chinese and International Business minors. Donovan is graduating with distinction, Summa Cum Laude. After graduation, Donovan is moving to Charlotte, NC to work with Vanguard in their Emerging Leader Development Program.

Why did you choose Virginia Tech and the Management major?

I chose Virginia Tech because I loved the campus and the welcoming environment. Virginia Tech just had a warm community that seemed to really look after one another and I wanted to be a part of it. I specifically chose management because I knew that I wanted to develop leadership and consulting skills for whatever type of job I would work in the future. Management seemed like the best major to nurture some of the communication skills I already had, while also teaching me new concepts and skills to develop me into a leader.

Any final thoughts and reflection – now that graduation is here …

Through all of the hard work these last four years and the trying times of enduring through quarantine this last semester, it has been hard. College, while incredibly exciting, can be filled with many highs and lows. Personally, what has kept me sane through it all (though maybe only partially) is my faith in Jesus Christ. I am incredibly thankful for the time that I have had here at Virginia Tech and I leave with a full heart and a valuable degree, but most importantly I leave having learned more about my savior Jesus Christ. 

I am incredibly excited to see what the future holds in Charlotte and I am super thankful for my time at Virginia Tech that has propelled me towards success.