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Management Recent Alumni Board

Faculty staff engagement


Encourage alumni to participate in events, as well as contribute
their time, talent and resources to better the Department

Faculty staff engagement1


Inform current and prospective students, as well as alumni of
Department initiatives through social media and networking events



Through career workshops, mentorship and roundtable discussions, RAB members ensure that students are adequately prepared for their early career endeavors

Who we are?

We are a group of young professionals that are committed to upholding and promoting the strategic vision and mission of the Department of Management

Why we were formed?

The Recent Alumni Board, (RAB), was established to provide opportunities for management alumni from the last decade to support and remain connected to the Department of Management.

How we make an impact?

The RAB works with the department head and faculty in the Department of Management on curricular aspects such as the management major, the three options within the major, and new academic initiatives. It assists the department faculty, staff, and students in career-related programs and events, marketability and placement of management graduates, and the college-to-work transition process. The RAB also helps foster communication and collaboration with recent alumni, students, and faculty.

Recent Alumni