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The Management Department prepares students to be effective managers capable of adding value to a wide range of organizations and business contexts in the global economy employing an entrepreneurial approach to business.

We emphasize the development of versatile skills that are essential to achieving organizational goals: analytical problem-solving, communication skills, cross-functional thinking, leadership, ethical decision-making, and teamwork.


Management majors are equipped with interpersonal skills needed to thrive in a collaborative team environment and can handle situations requiring complex ethical judgments.


Management majors develop mindset and skillset to approach problems in unique ways, explore new opportunities, and lead through innovation in both new and established companies.


Management majors can analyze complex strategic problems that cut across multiple functions and develop effective solutions by integrating diverse perspectives.

"I chose management because both of my parents were their own bosses in their professions. I learned at a young age that I also wanted to eventually be like them and be a leader." Bruce Reid (MGT '18) - EIT option, Financial Analyst for Disney Parks & Resorts in Orlando, FL

The Management Department's undergraduate programs offer experiential education, research, and engagements programs that allow students to develop their skills and build industry experience.