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The Management Department prepares students to be effective managers capable of adding value to a wide range of organizations and business contexts in the global economy employing an entrepreneurial approach to business.

We emphasize the development of versatile skills that are essential to achieving organizational goals: analytical problem-solving, communication skills, cross-functional thinking, leadership, ethical decision-making, and teamwork.

We offer minors in Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship – New Venture Growth to students throughout the University.


Majors within the Management Department

  • General Item
    Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Management (EIT)

    Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the related organizational skills to identify problems that can be converted into opportunities, attract and deploy resources in pursuit of those opportunities, and to lead through innovation in both new and established companies.

  • General Item
    Human Resource Management (MHR)

    Students develop knowledge and skills to effectively manage people and systems in areas such as compensation, benefits, recruiting, and training, and develop themselves for careers in human resource management.

  • General Item
    Management Consulting and Analytics (MCA)

    Students develop knowledge and analytical skills to break down complex strategic problems and develop robust and innovative solutions, enabling them to pursue careers in management consulting.

  • General Item
  • General Item
  • General Item
    Business Management

    Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the related organizational skills to identify problems that can be converted into opportunities, attract and deploy resources in pursuit of those opportunities, and to lead through innovation in both new and established companies.

Why Choose the Management Major?

The curriculum in Management provides knowledge and skills critical for a wide variety of future business careers. The Management major is unique within the Pamplin College of Business because it fosters an integrated perspective of business enterprises. Coursework in the traditional functional areas of accounting, operations, finance, marketing, information technology is coupled with core Management courses that provide approaches and development skills needed to lead people and manage projects in ways that add value to organizations. This core is further enhanced with a choice of one of three career-focused, nine-hour Management options:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Consulting and Analytics

Students in Management are also eligible to participate in the Department of Management’s Leadership minor and Business Diversity minor.

Our curriculum emphasizes cross-functional thinking, analytical problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and ethical decision-making. Students learn how the separate business functions can be integrated to achieve a single, coordinated effort, especially in complex, technologically-based enterprises. Students are exposed to state-of-the-art ideas and practices regarding leadership and are given multiple opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills while applying this knowledge in team projects. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of written and oral communications skills and students are exposed to situations requiring complex ethical judgments.

Internships and Other Experiential Activities

The Department of Management emphasizes experiential learning throughout the curriculum. Through course-integrated activities, students gain valuable work experience through service learning projects with community organizations. Students can also gain work experience through paid and unpaid internships and in Cooperative Education Programs. The department also encourages students to become involved in student organizations and volunteer activities so they can further develop their leadership skills. The Pamplin College of Business also provides a number of study abroad opportunities permitting students to exchange ideas with business leaders from around the world.

I Want to Become a Management Major

If you would like more information about changing to or adding the Management Major please review the application and requirements and a schedule of informational sessions.

All Management majors must complete the Pamplin College of Business core requirements and meet the specific Management major course requirements:

Pamplin College of Business Core Requirements:

  • MGT 3304: Management Theory and Leadership Practice

This survey course introduces the student to a broad range of concepts, theories, and practices important for a basic understanding of management. Topics also focus on the environment in which today’s managers must effectively operate. Sophomore standing required. (3H,3C)

  • MGT 4394: Strategic Management

Senior-level capstone course to formulate and implement strategies to create and sustain competitive advantage. Emphasis is placed on developing pragmatic and action-oriented general management skills that integrate across functional areas of the organization. Pre: 3304, MKTG 3104, FIN 3104, BIT 3414, and senior standing. Co: FIN 3055. (3H,3C).

Management Core Requirements:

  • MGT 3324: Organization Behavior

This course examines the determinants and consequences of human behavior in formal organizations. Specific focus is on the individual, interpersonal, and group processes, which underlie all the human dynamics. PRE: MGT 3304.

  • MGT 3604: Managerial Analytics

Digital tools to analyze managerial data ranging from productivity data to large-scale, organizational databases. The course covers three major themes: (1) analyzing and improving productivity using digital tools, (2) applying exploratory data tools, and (3) improving organizational collaboration, analysis, and knowledge sharing using relational databases. Pre: ACIS 2504. Co: 3304.

  • MGT 4334: Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

The leadership role of managers involves promoting ethics and corporate social responsibility in business today which requires consideration of issues such as environmental pollution, employee rights and responsibilities, and the activities of multinational corporations. These issues will be examined through the conceptual frameworks of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Pre: MGT 3304.

  • MGT 4344: Productivity and Quality Leadership

This introduction to leadership in the context of productivity and quality improvement focuses on understanding the concepts and the skills associated with contemporary management strategies and systems. This course requires active student involvement and emphasizes participative leadership skills, data collection, qualitative problem solving, and communication processes. PRE: MGT 3304, BIT 3414, and senior standing in management.


  • Entrepreneurship- New Venture Growth (ENVG Minor)

The Entrepreneurship-New Venture Growth Minor focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to create new ventures and lead their early growth. Students learn how to convert ideas into business successes, particularly in the context of engineering and science-based technology commercialization.

  • Business Leadership (BLC)

The Business Leadership Minor (BLC) provides students with the academic content and experiential activities necessary to serve as more effective leaders in their communities and professions. Each student participates in a leadership/service activity which enables them to explore different avenues of development. Leaders distinguish themselves in highly competitive job markets.

Both minors consist of eighteen (18) credit hours and are designed to offer you many opportunities for valuable experiential learning as well as for customizing your programs of study.

Organizations need managers who are effective leaders in every business discipline. The skills developed through earning a Management degree prepares to create value in all functional areas of organizations. Many student benefit from combining a degree is one of the functional business disciplines with a degree in Management. Obtaining a second major could require only a few credits beyond the 125 credits required for graduation. If you are interested in the possibility of a double major with Management, you should contact your undergraduate academic advisor about submitting an application.

Management (MGT)        
Option: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Management (EIT) 2019 2020 2021 2022
Option: Management Consulting and Analysis (MCA) 2019 2020 2021 2022
Option: Human Resource Management (MHR) 2019 2020 2021 2022