Jenny Fu is a rising senior with a BIT (DSS) & MGT (MCA) Dual Degree

Company: Ernst & Young (EY)

Position: Technology Advisory Program (TAP) Intern

I chose the management major because I recognized the importance of management in, not only the corporate world, but outside the workplace. There are important skills you can learn from school, such as industry specific knowledge, technologies, and much more but there is a skill that you will have to utilize no matter if you choose a career aligned to your degree or you venture off, and that is the skill of talking and interacting with people. Management has allowed me to learn how to better manage, not only, myself but others.

Along with my Excel skills, I have been able to utilize my interpersonal skills gained from MGT and Pamplin when working on my project team and with my clients.

After graduation, I hope to receive a full time offer as a consultant with a focus in data analysis and technology. I hope to find a career that consistently pushes me to grow and learn every day and helps me stay curious.

We are very proud of you Jenny - keep up the great work!

Collaborate. Innovate. Integrate.
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