Three Options, One Major

The Management major prepares students to be effective managers capable of adding value to a wide range of organizations and business contexts in the global economy employing an entrepreneurial approach to business.  The major has three distinct options to choose from and include: Human Resource Management (HRM); Management Consulting and Analytics (MCA) and Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Management (EIT).  

      • Human Resource Management (HRM)

        Students develop knowledge and skills to effectively manage people and systems in areas such as compensation, benefits, recruiting, and training, and develop themselves for careers in human resource management.

      • Management Consulting and Analytics (MCA)

        Students develop knowledge and analytical skills to break down complex strategic problems and develop robust and innovative solutions, enabling them to pursue careers in management consulting.

      • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Management (EIT)

        Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the related organizational skills to identify problems that can be converted into opportunities, attract and deploy resources in pursuit of those opportunities, and to lead through innovation in both new and established companies.