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Partial List of Companies Recently Hiring Management Majors
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Management Majors have two of the top 10 degrees for getting hired in 2018 by large employers from NACE. (Source: % of NACE (National Association of Colleges & Employers) members plan to hire in 2018)


Career Positions

Research Associate, First Year Analyst, Second Year Analyst, Associate Consultant, Management Consultant, Senior Consultant, Junior Partner, Partner/Principal

Human Resources (HR) Representative, HR Coordinator, Compensation HR Analyst, Employment Manager, Recruiter HR Associate, HR Analyst


Career Positions


Career Positions

Business Designer, Business Improvement Manager, Change Agent, Innovation Analyst, Innovation Catalyst, Innovation Engineer, Agile Project Manager

“As an Assistant Vice President and Financial Sales Manager for a Top 50 Financial Institution, I value the knowledge and skills I developed in the Management Major.  Having the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate amongst various individuals and organizations, and motivate others towards a common mission are imperative in today's business environment.  My employer values the leadership traits I embody - a well-rounded student translates to a well-rounded employee” (Adam Workman, Assistant Vice President, FirstCitizen’s Bank, Class of 2010).

  1. Identify personal interests, skills, and values to begin conceptualizing your career goals. Career Services offers.
  2. Research careers that are of interest to you at Career Services library and the University library
  3. Join major-related professional organizations on campus to start building your resume.
  4. Conduct information interviews with professionals you know (family, neighbors, parents of high school friends, etc.)
  5. Participate in fall and spring career fairs. This allows you to get acclimated to the environment of a career fair and to observe interactions between students and recruiters. Talk with companies, both those in which you might e interested as well as those that were previously unknown to you.

Summer following freshman year: Your best strategy is to obtain a job involved with elementary aspects of a career field in which you might have interest; these frequently involve administrative or clerical work.

  1. Schedule MGT 3014 during spring
  2. Expand on and refine freshman year goals
  3. Participate in fall and spring career fairs. Talk with companies, both those in which you might be interested and those that were previously unknown to you.
  4. Focus on your top 2-3 career options for more advanced research, information interviews, job shadowing, and summer internships.
  5. Create a LinkedIn account with a well-developed professional profile.
  6. Attend mock interviews and University Career Services workshops.
  7. Network with faculty, career services staff, and community members that can help you in your future job search.

Summer following sophomore year: securing an internship of interest

  1. Participate in fall and spring career fairs. It is ESSENTIAL to use this convenient means for obtaining one.
  2. Continue to revise and polish your LinkedIn account and resume.
  3. Take a leadership role within your professional student organizations.
  4. Become familiar with job descriptions, titles, salary ranges, and research your major and what skills you need to be marketable.
  5. Increase your networking.
  6. Schedule MGT 3014 if you haven't already.

Summer following junior year: an internship with your desired career field is expected

  1. Last chance to derive benefit from MGT 3014!
  2. Last chance to benefit from fall and spring career fairs.
  3. Never cease networking, it is an expected behavior among all professionals.
  4. Continue leadership roles of professional student organizations.
  5. Continue research in greater depth regarding job descriptions, work setting, job titles, salary ranges and specific work-related skills desired by employers.
  6. Take advantage of local internships, short-term projects, volunteer and charitable experiences during the school year.


Average Starting Salary

Survey conducted in April 2018 of VT MGT seniors.

6% Projected Growth Rate for MGT Career Occupations through 2024

+505,400 New Jobs in MGT through 2024

$100,790 Median Imcome for all MGT Occupations

Data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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