Linda F. Tegarden

Assoc. Professor

Academic Area(s): Strategy, Technology & Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Office Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:15 PM or by appointment

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1992
M.B.A., Indiana State University, 1980
B.S., Michigan State University, 1975

Positions Held
Associate Professor of Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech, 2002-present

Assistant Professor of Management, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech, 1994-2002

Assistant Professor of Management, California State University San Bernardino, 1992-1994

Teaching & Research Assistant, Department of Management, University of Colorado, 1985-1989

Instructor, Department of Systems & Decision Sciences, Indiana State University, 1983-1985

Coordinator, Center for Research & Management Services, Indiana State University, 1981-1983

Selected Publications
Tegarden, L.F., Lamb, W., Hatfield, D.E., & Ji, F. 2012. Bringing Emerging Technologies to Market: Does Academic Research Promote Commercialization?, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, forthcoming in 2012.

Tegarden, D.P., Tegarden, L.F. & Sheetz, S.D. (2009), Cognitive Factions in a Top Management Team: Surfacing and Analyzing Cognitive Diversity using Causal Maps, 18: 537-566.

Hatfield, D.E., Lamb, W.B. & Tegarden, L.F., (2007). On the Shoulders of Giants: Co-Location with Dominant Firms in the Emerging Fiber Optics Industry, Industry and Innovation, 14, 445-460.

Tegarden, L.F., Sarason, Y., Childers, J.S., and Hatfield, D.E. (2005). The engagement of employees in the strategy process and firm performance: The role of strategic goals and environment, Journal of Business Strategies, 22: 75-99.

Sarason, Y., & Tegarden, L.F. 2001. Exploring a typology of technology intensive firms: When is a rose a great rose? Journal of High Technology Management Research, 12, 93-112.

Hatfield, D., Tegarden, L.F., & Echols, A. 2001. Facing the uncertain environment from technological discontinuities: Hedging as a technology choice strategy. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 12, 63-76.

Tegarden, L.F., Echols, A.E. & Hatfield, D.E. 2000. The value of patience and start-up firms: A re-examination of entry timing for emerging markets. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 24, 41-58.

Tegarden, L.F., Hatfield, D., & Echols, A.E. 1999. Doomed from the start: What is the value of selecting the future dominant design? Strategic Management Journal, 20, 495-518.

Koberg, C.S., Tegarden, L.F., & Wilsted, B. 1993. Environmental and structural influences on the strategy-making process of banks. Journal of Applied Business Research, 9, 58-68.

Lawless, M.W., & Tegarden, L.F. 1991. A test of performance similarity among strategic group members in conforming and nonconforming industry structures. Journal of Management Studies, 28, 645-664.

Lawless, M.W. and Finch (Tegarden), L.F. 1989. Choice and determinism: A test of Hrebiniak and Joyce’s framework on strategy-environment fit. Strategic Management Journal, 10, 351-366.

Research & Teaching Interests
Teaches strategic management, technology & innovation management and entrepreneurship

Research interests primarily focus on strategy in emerging technology markets, organizational knowledge management, the use of casual mapping with strategic planning

Selected Honors & Awards
Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence, 2011

Pamplin College Faculty Award for Outreach Excellence, 2010-11


Linda F. Tegarden (Ph.D., 1992, University of Colorado at Boulder) is Associate Professor of Strategic Management. Her research interests include the impact of technological change on firm behavior and performance, the role of networks in technology-driven environments, managing uncertainty in emerging environments, and the characteristics that enhance or increase survival and performance of new business start-ups in emerging and technology-driven environments. She has published in Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Applied Business Research, Journal of High Technology Management Research, and Journal of Managerial Issues. She also regularly presents papers at the National Academy of Management meetings and Strategic Management Society meetings. At Virginia Tech, she teaches strategic management at all levels, including undergraduate, M.B.A. and Ph.D. programs. She also specializes in strategic management for technology-based organizations and teaches management of innovation in several graduate programs at Virginia Tech.

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