Jerry Flynn

Adjunct Instructor

Academic Area: Organization Behavior/Human Resources/Innovation & Technology

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 AM - 12: 00PM (By email appointment)


My research focuses broadly on the intersection of human resource development and learning in innovative settings. Work with the scientific community has sparked my interest in insight and its contribution to the learning and development processes which are integral to innovation.

Benefiting from the broad survey of theory, methodology and practice integral to my experience at Virginia Tech, a rich set of research questions and lines of inquiry has resulted. This includes work in turnover functionality, mentoring as learning, occupational versus organizational turnover, collaboration patterns in science and innovation, expanded regression techniques, and knowledge development and typologies.

I am particularly interested in how people learn to solve new problems. My dissertation examines problem spaces where little or nothing is known initially and studies the development and acquisition of new knowledge and insights which enable problem solvers to develop and adopt new tactics. In most business settings, learning and adopting a series of new tactics leads to improved problem solving and innovation.

Recent experience while teaching has been very rewarding as well. I have found that many of my experiences in a preceding practical career in management and technology have transferred well to the classroom, particularly when combined with my growing theoretical insights in the field.

Headshot of Jerry Flynn