Kevin Mottley

Kevin Mottley grew up in Hanover County, Virginia.  His Dad was an elementary school principal. His Mom taught at the local high school.  Kevin’s parents were the first in their families to go to college. His Dad grew up on a small tobacco farm near Farmville, Virginia, and his Mom grew up in a blue-collar household off Hull Street in Manchester, which is now south Richmond.

Kevin’s parents taught him the value of hard work.  His first job was a janitor at an elementary school.  His second job was a factory worker in a local chemical company.  His third job, which helped support him in college, was working for a landscape contractor on construction sites.

Kevin now lives in the west end of Richmond, Virginia with his wife, Tricia, their three children, and two dogs.  He is an active participant in his children’s activities and has a personal interest in running, fishing, bluegrass music, playing the mandolin, Virginia history, and hiking Virginia’s beautiful mountain country.  He serves as a member of the board of trustees of Trinity United Methodist Church on Forest Avenue in Richmond, where he occasionally teaches an adult Sunday School class.